Friday, June 29, 2007

ALDHA Web site update


In case you noticed, the ALDHA Web site at has been down, since at least yesterday (Thursday, 6/28).

I headed back home today (Friday, 6/29) to work on it at the computer that stores all the Web site files and access info, etc., and just spent the past couple of hours getting a few things straightened out. I am assured by tech support folks that it should be back up and running tomorrow (Saturday, 6/30).

The reason for the delay in getting it back up and running is that I had switched from a Unix-based server to a Windows-based server and neglected to get everything in order. The last techie I spoke to today explained why it would take 24 hours, but he had a very thick Indian accent and I didn't quite understand what he was saying, so I can't explain it to you, either. Sorry about that.

Check back tomorrow evening, June 30, and hopefully the site will be back up. If not, I'll try again on Monday.


~Bill O'Brien


eArThworm said...

Thanks, Bill. The site's been missed!

Anonymous said...

When we hiked through Adkins we asked several hikers about the Relax Inn. Several Hikers commented that it was dirty and the owners were not friendly. We hitched into Marion and found several hiker friendly motels

Gimp & Knothead

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that the link to the blog has pretty much disappeared from the ALDHA site.

Redneck Rye

Mark said...

Things are getting very busy with the Gathering approaching...

I wish I was posting better news, but we've had several ALDHA members pass away in the last few weeks.

Bill O' has posted a wonderful tribute to Verna Soule on
I wish I had known Verna better, she sure seemed to be cut from stronger material than the rest of us.
I met Verna first on my LT hike in '89, when she was doing the same trip. I next met her on the porch of the Iron Masters Mansion in Pine Grove Furnace State Park during my thru-hike in '92.
We started comparing notes and realized that we had crossed paths on the LT, even more ironically our paths there crossed at the LT's halfway point.
Whenever we met after that we ended up comparing hiking notes, and it was a real joy to see her eyes light up about hiking.

I just got news about the recent passing of Deane E. Jones ("Moxie" '00).
I don't think I ever met Moxie. In my travels within the hiking community I've found people from all walks of life, from young unemployed carpenters, through retired military, to, yes, rocket scientists. Moxie was a Maine State legislator. Even more surprising was that he ran for office after his thru-hike, when most people would be more looking to settle down. He must have been quite a man, I wish I had the chance to know him.

ALDHA's thoughts and prayers go out to both families...