Tuesday, April 10, 2007

ALDHA’s New Blog

and welcome to the blog of the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association. Here you can quickly see any “earth-shattering” news from the folks at ALDHA or find out what’s new on the ALDHA Web site, AND you can add your 2 cents worth as well.

New items will be posted now and then. But it is the ability for you to post your own comments here that we have set this up as an extension of the ALDHA Web site, at aldha.org.

We only ask that you be respectful of each other, just as you would on the trail.

So bookmark this page, visit often, and leave a few footprints.

See you down the trail!


Mark said...

ALDHA takes another step into the digital age, welcome to the ALDHA blog!
Or maybe to keep it in hiking terms, think of it as ALDHA's on-line shelter register... and please keep in mind that just like a shelter register your entry will stay long after you've moved on, free for all behind you to read. Please make a good impression both for yourself and ALDHA!

Mark said...

Trail Days is rapidly approaching, and the pile of gear at my door that needs to be moved to my car gets ever larger.
Since we'll be manning an ALDHA booth at the campground for the first time, and hopefully attracting many of this years hikers to the new Hiker Hang Out at Rock School, we'll have plenty of work for anyone that would like to volunteer. Please stop by the ALDHA booth located along the vendor row, look for us in the big tent with the ATC and the AT Museum...

See you there!

eArThworm said...

If you enjoyed the ALDHA Authors workshop at the last Gathering, of even if you didn't make it there, check out the new Books for Hikers website at http://booksforhikers.com/
Happy reading! ~~ eArThworm