Friday, June 29, 2007

ALDHA Web site update


In case you noticed, the ALDHA Web site at has been down, since at least yesterday (Thursday, 6/28).

I headed back home today (Friday, 6/29) to work on it at the computer that stores all the Web site files and access info, etc., and just spent the past couple of hours getting a few things straightened out. I am assured by tech support folks that it should be back up and running tomorrow (Saturday, 6/30).

The reason for the delay in getting it back up and running is that I had switched from a Unix-based server to a Windows-based server and neglected to get everything in order. The last techie I spoke to today explained why it would take 24 hours, but he had a very thick Indian accent and I didn't quite understand what he was saying, so I can't explain it to you, either. Sorry about that.

Check back tomorrow evening, June 30, and hopefully the site will be back up. If not, I'll try again on Monday.


~Bill O'Brien